I don't write reviews, but I couldn't help myself today. I had the best experience at A3 Auto last night and I am moved to share the outstanding experience! The location: From the lawn to the inside of the building, the place is meticulously cared for. If you notice those things, you will appreciate everything about A3. As a bonus, it's easy to find and just a couple of miles off the interstate, so if you're from the DM metro or surrounding areas, it's a quick drive. The cars: Each car is hand selected by the owner, Nate. He pays close attention to which cars he offers, wanting only the best on his lot. I knew the exact SUV I was looking for and spent a lot of time looking at online sites that search local vehicles, and test driving them at some of the big name dealerships in the Des Moines area. I was hesitant to try the one they had listed at A3 (since I hadn't heard of them) but I'm SO glad I did. The vehicle I purchased was a 1-owner Buick Enclave with top-of-the-line features and it was thousands of dollars less than anywhere else I looked. Of all the Enclaves I drove, it was the cleanest by far! The people (most important part, if you ask me): I could write a novel about the friendliness of Nate and Brett. From the first phone call I made inquiring about the vehicle, to pulling away in my new SUV, I have never been treated better. Yes, they did the obvious (maybe expected) things like being offered a beverage and making sure I was comfortable while we completed the process, but also SO much more. As I was signing paperwork with Brett, Nate thought the outside of the car needed to be washed before I took it (it didn't...but I love his standards), and he got out some cleaner and hand-washed it himself. Also, we all chatted about restaurants, raising children, camping and traveling and how awesome small towns are. They were the epitome of "Iowa nice" and I gained two friends last night. I will NEVER buy a vehicle from anywhere else...and if I can help it, neither will any of my friends or family.

- Kelly R.

We have bought two vehicles from Nate at A3 Auto. He surprises me every time with his hospitality. If you want a personal experience with a dealership where you feel like you matter, check out A3 Auto right away. We will always shop at A3 Auto for our vehicles. Thanks guys!

- Bill P.

I went there with no idea on what kind of vehicle I wanted other than I wanted an AWD. They were awesome and had me test drive 4 vehicles. They found the perfect fit for my family, in my price range and just overall a great vehicle. All the staff were really professional and kind and took time to explain different aspects of the different vehicles I was looking at. Highly recommend A3 Auto!

- LeAnn D.

I have bought 3 vehicles for work and family from A3 Auto. Purchasing a vehicle from here has been the easiest and best car buying experience we have ever had. Definitely recommend!

-Tom T.

We were in today and were greeted by a very friendly and knowledgeable salesman. Living in Bondurant we’ve driven by A3 Auto many times and have commented on the quality of vehicles they have on their lot. When we were looking for a vehicle to buy we stopped by and were not disappointed!!!! Great vehicle, super people , and great service! Highly recommend A3Auto!

-Kathy D.

Wonderful experience all the way around! Nate was extremely helpful, even getting down on the ground to check under a car for one of my questions. We went there to just check out a few, not planning on purchasing, and we drove home with a Ford Edge :)

-Kim B.

Where do I start?! Unbelievably great experience! I never imagined myself in the car I've wanted for such a long time. I also never expected to be approved and walk away with a set of keys to a car I've only dreamed of owning! I am the proud owner of my very first Subaru WRX! Dreams do come true!

-Jen M.